Driven by a passion for craftsmanship and sustainability, our mission is to handcraft premium leather goods sourced from ethically harvested hides provided by local hunters. With a dedication to quality and tradition, we aim to create timeless products that tell stories of adventure and authenticity, while fostering a connection to our community and the natural world.


During the 1950s, the Halton Hills area was well known for the leather industry and its many quality glovers and tanneries. The surrounding area offered premium hides from horse and cow, all holding perfect natural qualities for crafting industrial gloves and apparel. Business couldn't be better for the leather industry. The area became known as 'Leather Town'.

During this time, Marzo Glove had been a successful manufacturer, supplying hydro and welding industry workers with gloves and apparel. As the needle trade industry began to favor offshore pricing and importing brands, the local handcrafted products with higher price became less desirable. Local tanneries and manufacturers began closing their doors.

In 1996, Marzo Glove restructured and changed their name to Hides in Hand. With the introduction of moose, deer and buffalo hide leathers, Hides in Hand began to design fashionable handwear and focus less on industrial/protective wear. As Canadian leather crafters, our goal was to create the best and warmest handwear possible.

But, there was always room for more. In the early 2000's Hides in Hand was approached by a moccasin company from Northern Ontario. They were retiring their business and were interested in our company to continue on as they had learned of our shop, our leathers and our strong commitment towards everything being handmade on the premises. We were taught by their Indigenous Elder the craft of moccasin making and since then have collaborated with Indigenous artists across Canada showcasing their artwork on our moccasins.

We are honored to collaborate with our artists, who's beautiful artwork is skillfully embroidered onto our leathers. It is a privilege to showcase their cultural heritage and artistic talent in our products. In recognition of their creativity and contribution, each artist receives a generous royalty for every item sold, ensuring that they fairly compensated for their work and empowering them to continue creating stunning pieces that celebrate their heritage.

Over the years, our creative growth has expanded to creating handcrafted slippers, gloves, handbags and various accessories. Our unique pieces can be found in gift shops, souvenir stores, border crossings and airports all across Canada.

Our growth has also extended to the digital realm, with an active social media presence and a global reach through our online platform. Alongside our online presence, we showcase our leather treasures at local pop ups and craft shows, connecting with our community in a relaxed down to earth manner. And our pride and joy? Our flagship Boutique in Erin Ontario, a place where we welcome Canadians and visitors around the world to experience our premium craftsmanship firsthand. 


"Helping my grandmother thread the needle is where it all started. Soon after that I would watch my mom sew us all frilly skirts and become inspired to do my own. The humming of the sewing machine is a sound I often heard in our home growing up. Throughout my life, the sewing machine was never put away. It maintained a permanent spot, and the fabrics and patterns piled up.

My love for sewing and pattern making took a wild turn in the mid 90s when I was asked for my creative input and talent to be brought forth to an industrial leather manufacturing glove factory. The thought of it horribly bored me, but I accepted this challenge. I soon learned of leathers and industrial sewing machines. I quickly fell in love with the look and feel of leather goods and decided to create a line based on our Canadian leathers.

Moose, Deer, Elk, Bison, Buffalo and Caribou. These leathers had great properties, were washable and had undeniable strength performances. After watching the offshore import business take a chunk out of the industrial side of manufacturing, it was then that I decided to create a line of my own. A truly "Made in Canada, Made From Canada" line of leather goods, apparel and accessories.

Canadian handcrafted leather goods is where I wanted to be. It started off with a single moosehide mitt and decades later, hundreds of items have been added to the line. Being a small Canadian business, independently-owned can be a tough ride at times, but when the show is on the road, and literally thousands of people compliment and purchase my products, it all seems worthwhile. Mitts, gloves, slippers, moccasins, purses, handbags, and accessory items are only a few to mention. My inspiration never stops, as it is derived from my roots, surroundings, people, life and day-to-day routines."

Hides in Hand


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